Expert Series Workshop: Leveraging AI in Career Development - Beyond the Basics

  • 26/11/2024
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Zoom Meeting (Eastern Time)
  • 48



This 90-minute virtual workshop, presented by John Stroud of AI Guides, aims to demystify artificial intelligence (AI) for career professionals and explore its advanced applications in the field.

Key points of the workshop include:

  • What is AI? The session will offer a non-technical explanation of "What is AI?", making this cutting-edge technology accessible and understandable to all attendees. This will provide a foundation for understanding how AI is revolutionizing various industries, including career development.
  • How to Use AI in Career Development: We will introduce a maturity model specifically related to career professionals. This model will guide participants in evolving from basic AI applications, such as résumé and cover letter writing, to more advanced utilizations. These include leveraging AI as a personal assistant for tasks like data analysis, client meeting preparation, marketing, and strategic thinking, thus offering practical examples and scenarios where AI can be a game-changer.
  • Risks and Ethical Considerations: The workshop will also address the risks associated with AI, including the phenomenon of AI "hallucinations," where AI generates inaccurate or fictional information. Ethical concerns in AI usage will be a key focus, ensuring professionals are equipped to use AI responsibly and effectively.

Recognizing the rapidly evolving nature of AI, the content of this workshop will be updated to reflect the latest developments in AI as of November 2024.

Additionally, specific issues and questions raised by CPC members via pre-workshop surveys will be incorporated, ensuring that the session is highly relevant and tailored to the needs of our attendees. The session will include a Q&A segment, allowing for an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Expert Speaker

John Stroud is the founder of AI Guides, which helps knowledge workers be more productive and creative with artificial intelligence.  With Maureen McCann, John wrote “Your new digital assistant: Using AI to unlock a more productive and creative workplace” for career professionals.

All registered participants will have unlimited access to view the video recording after the workshop.

***All attendees will receive a certificate of completion after the session.***

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