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Carrie Wakeford

Wakeford & Associates/Resume Pro Canada


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Wakeford & Associates/Resume Pro Canada
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Career Development Practitioner, Résumé Writer

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  • Career Strategist
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  • Résumé Strategist
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It is hard to believe that 25 years has passed since I entered the field as a career development practitioner. I now specialize in assisting individuals in the area of résumé writing, interview strategy development and career decision making. Recently I have been designing on-line training programs and I teach in the on-line Career Development Professional program at Conestoga College. I am a partner in the web development business Black Cap Design and I have offered my website structure and content writing skills to Career Professionals of Canada as their Web Evaluator. In the past I have provided facilitated group job search programs, supervised teams of career practitioners and trainers and case managers. To learn more visit my website www.wakeford.ca. In 2019 I launched a website dedicated to resumes, letters and interview skill development: Resume Pro Canada - https://resumeprocanada.ca

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