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Rita Kamel

Certified Résumé Strategist | Certified Employment Strategist | Certified Interview Strategist



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Beirut, Lebanon
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Certified Résumé, Employment, and Interview Strategist | Recruiter
Certified Résumé Strategist | Certified Employment Strategist | Certified Interview Strategist

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  • Interview Strategist
  • Employment Strategist
  • Résumé Strategist
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My mission is to empower international job seekers with immediate tools to help them generate career opportunities. I am a Certified Resume Strategist, a Certified Employment Strategist, and a Certified Interview Strategist.

What can I do for you?
With over 10 years experience in recruitment and human resources, I have practical insider insight. I can craft a professional dossier, give you all the recent tools that will make your job search faster, and prepare you to ace the interview so you can land the position you want and change your life.

- Resume Development
- Cover Letter Writing
- LinkedIn Profile Makeover
- Job Search Strategy
- Interview Preparation

Why me?
During the pandemic and in confinement, I received bad new after bad news; talented people were losing their employment and companies were closing. That's why I founded DossierPro. My personalized approach, consideration of your online presence, personal brand, and knowledge of the most modern techniques used in the employment arena will make all the difference. In fact, my solutions and coaching effectively led many to land meaningful work around the world.

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