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Does your resume reflect all of your accomplishments and get you the interviews you want?

As a professional resume/CV writer, I know that recruiters and hiring managers take just a few seconds to screen the resumes. I build collaborative partnerships with my clients to review their goals and career history, select important achievements, and phrase them with utmost clarity — to outline a match between the employer’s needs and the client’s skills.

The crisp resumes and career documents I create boost confidence, land interviews, and bring precision to your professional value.

I work with all career levels and industries and specialize in management, executive, and academic resumes.

★ My credentials and qualifications include:

►Master of Arts in English from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA (2009)
►6+ years as a resume writer with award-winning companies in the U.S. and Canada
►~1,500 resumes written to date for all industries and career levels
►expertise in developing strong LinkedIn profiles for personal branding
►experience participating in hiring decisions and staffing company operations
►14+ years of experience as a writer and instructor in the academic and business environments
►copy editing training from Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada (2017)
►knowledge of plain English principles and marketing essentials

★ Here’s what some of my clients say about my work:

“Tanya is an exceptional ally in the writing process. We collaborated on several projects and I found her to be extremely helpful, insightful, clear and efficient – always submitting documents ahead of our timeline. She exceeded my expectations and I can’t recommend her enough!”

“Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your work on my resume. I landed a great job today and was regularly complimented on my resume throughout the process.”

“When I decided to make some career changes, I contacted Tanya for help and ended up hiring her to help re-write my resume/CV and cover letter. Since working with Tanya I have been invited to participate in 4 (and counting) phone/video screening interviews, for positions in both the industry and academic sectors. Tanya has also gone above and beyond just re-doing my materials, she's also provided guidance on how to start with the documents she created and personalize them for other positions and general advice for the job market. She is wonderful to work with and has been instrumental in re-branding myself and putting my best foot forward. Highly recommended!”