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Michelle Slywka


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Career Counselor

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  • Resume Strategist
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  • Career Strategist
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I am a Career Coach, passionate about guiding clients to find their way to a meaningful, passionate, purpose-driven career. Currently working as an Education Counselor, I meet with high school students to explore career options and facilitating workshops focusing on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

One of my strengths is helping clients with personal branding, this is where my marketing expertise really comes in handy. I like to educate my client or student on why branding is important and how they can manage and grow their brand on their own.

Educating others is not only one of my strengths but it is also the part of my job that I love the most. I customize each session to suit my audience or client's needs and learning style. Whether it's teaching how to customize a resume, or how to prepare for an interview or even how to conduct a targeted job search, I always ensure my sessions are both engaging and informative.

On the personal side…

I recently discovered audiobooks (Have I been living under a rock?) – Which has been a game changer for my commute to work. I am now obsessed and can go through 2-3 books a month. Memoirs, Business and Career Development (of course) are amongst my favourite genres.

My guilty pleasure? Binge watching baking shows on Netflix!

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Career Development Specialties:

Career Development and Exploration, Education Planning, Personal Branding (Social Media), Networking, Self-employment, Career Assessments, Job Search Strategies, Interview Preparation, Resume and Cover letter critiquing

Human Resource Specialities:

Sourcing talent, Interview and Selection, Training and Development, Onboarding, Policy Writing