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Lena Stewart

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With over 10 years of experience in business, communications, marketing and non-profit, I have competed for my fair share of jobs and promotions. Through it all, I knew there had to be a way, a system or a method to help me stand out. I was determined to find a better way and emerged myself in training, workshops, and books. With a base of job seeking best practices, I tweaked the rules by applying my marketing, communication, and sales knowledge, positioning my own experiences and skills in a unique way.

And it worked.

I couldn't wait to start helping others. Starting out with requests friends and family members, they quickly recognized my keen ability to interpret experiences and skills, across industries. I honed my ability to research and ask the right questions, uncovering and grouping skills and experiences in strategic ways to simplify and uncomplicate career paths and expertise. As my skills evolved, I branched out into freelancing my resume writing services - continuing to grow my clientele over the next 5 years, and launching a full-time business in April 2016.

Which revealed my true strength.

As a military spouse, I have a common connection, and understanding, with the military community.  As my business grew, as did my skill to translate military experience and complex military spouse career paths. In 2016, my work with the military community was recognized by Canada Company and I was invited to join as a Transition Service Provider for the MET (Military Employment Transition) & MET Spouse Programs.

CPC CDP Program

CDP-01 - Career Development Ethics & Standards Certificate Course
CDP-04 - Career Transition Consulting Certificate Course
RES-01 Real-World Résumé Strategy Certificate Course
RES-02 - Technology Optimized Résumés Certificate Course