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Shawna Quinn

BA English Literature


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British Columbia
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Career Strategist & Resume Writer
BA English Literature

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Nothing connects us more powerfully than story, and in the professional world, telling the right story can make the difference between failure and success. In my own career, clear communication, creativity and an intuitive nature has allowed me great success in leveraging other's experiences and connecting people with story.

Writing is the blood of my professional life, along with the passion for helping people reach their full potential. I have over ten years of experience in writing professionally, from ESL textbooks and curriculum to blogging and fiction. Having lived and traveled in countries such as Korea, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador (and the Galapagos), the Philippines, and extensively throughout North America, I understand the subtleties and value of sensitive, responsive communication, and this has transferred into a successful career of translating ideas from one platform to another.

Of significance, my expertise lies in helping people and organizations market their brand and values effectively, through compelling copy, standout resumes and professional documents, and killer social media profiles.

I am driven, adaptable, resourceful and energetic with a reputation for excellence in leadership, team motivation, creativity and strategic planning. I have expertise in a variety of industries, allowing me the benefit of knowing how to use language to liaise effectively between job seekers, recruiters, consumers, advertisers, students, readers, CEOs. I welcome any and all opportunities to connect with people and collaborate, and am enthusiastic about the possibilities that each day brings.

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