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Peter Elmar Bordo

Master of Arts in Education



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Peter Elmar
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British Columbia
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Chief Career Coach
Master of Arts in Education

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  • Career Strategist
  • Interview Strategist
  • Employment Strategist
  • Résumé Strategist
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Peter Bordo, MA, CCS is an award-winning career development practitioner and a Certified Career Strategist who is a proud member of Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) and British Columbia Career Development Association (BCCDA).

He brings a wealth of more than 10 years of solid experience in career development from career planning, resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching, networking, to tapping the hidden job market.

He is known for his hardwork in connecting and bridging his mentees to employment opportunities. As evidence of his commitment and dedication to the profession he loves, he was awarded as 2020’s Outstanding Community Outreach Strategist by Career Professionals of Canada. He was also nominated as 2020’s Outstanding Career Professional by the same organization.
Moreover, he previously received accolades from his peers: Outstanding Community Outreach Strategist (Honourable Mention) in 2017, 2018 and 2019 Award of Excellence given by Career Professionals of Canada and 2016 Outstanding Job Placement Award given by AOLCC. He was nominated as 2017 Youth Hero by the Geny Lopez Awards, 2017 Distinguished Career Development Practitioner of the Year by BCCDA and 2016 Emerging Career Development Practitioner of the Year by BCCDA.

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