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Karen Shane


Deluxe Resumes - Award Winning Resumes


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Deluxe Resumes - Award Winning Resumes
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Certified Resume Expert and Certified Transformation Life Coach

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Without Karen's professional services, you may be searching for work for an extra 5 months. Karen will help everyone from New Graduates, Interns, Middle of Career, Managers, Executives and Directors, etc.

She has proven herself to be outstanding in her industry since 1994. Holds 2 Certifications as a resume expert and a Certification as a Life Transformation Coach/Counsellor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Karen writes for job candidates across Canada including people seeking a resume update, new resume, cover letter, a half page bio, or a better paying position in their current company or another company, and also for persons holding a PR status.

Karen is qualified to write for many industries. - Provide a job posting and Karen will include an abundance of keywords and buzz phrases into your documents.

Selected Benefits:

- You will receive 1:1 customer service and attention.
- Quick turnaround.
- ATS compatible style to capture an employer's attention.
- Karen knows a lot of Medical Terminology
- Received the Best Resume Writer Toronto" award.
- Her resumes are published in 5 Canadian books.
- Karen's articles are published in newspapers.
- Received front page coverage in several papers.
- Featured in Toronto Star early in her career.
- Presented at the Canadian Job Fair.
- Nominated for many resume writing awards.
- Offers exceptional customer service.
- Karen's first language is English.

Connect today: Arrange to speak on WhatsApp, online or meet in person at the Toronto office at Yonge and Finch.

Email: shaneresumes@gmail.com

Phone: 416-226-0460 - landline

Text your message with your name/email to: 647-546-9282

Visit the website to read reviews.

Trust Karen Shane to produce a meaningful set of career documents! Are you planning on changing your career? Let Karen know.

Hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm.
Fridays: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Saturdays/Sundays - by request

Payment Terms: etransfer or credit card online.

Schedule a time to speak with Karen your HR Advisor who will go the distance for You! Established in 1994. Celebrating 30 years of operations in 2024.

Get the results you need to become successful at finding work. Karen can help you find job postings as well. Just ask.

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