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Karen Shane


Award Winning Resumes


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Award Winning Resumes
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Certified Resume Professional and Certified Transformation Life Coach

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This company Award Winning Resumes will work together with you to develop a really professional resume, cover letter, or other career documents.

Karen Shane established this company in 1994 following many years of working in various industries. She has medical terminology background and two certifications in professional resume writing: CPRW, CRS, plus, an Office Management Diploma and a BA.

Karen your Human Resources Advisor goes the distance to help her clients one-on-one.

When you place an order she will commit to providing high quality documents to capture the attention of an employer.

If you live in Canada or have a PR card, you should definitely hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), or Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) to move forward in your career!

Karen may be a better writer than others on Bark because she has 29 years of writing expertise. Karen is also a Certified Transformation Life Coach certificate; this will be to your benefit.

Fees are very good at Award Winning Resumes. Give us your full information including a former resume or outline of your work/education/special skills, and try to locate a job posting and email it to us.

See our website with more information and reviews from our thousands of current and past clients.

Clients from many industries and job titles hire us at Award Winning Resumes to update or get new resume and cover letter. Many employees and managers moved upward in their career development and in their salary, resulting in an improved lifestyle. You too may become successful with the meaningful and powerful career files you will receive.

Here is why you should choose Karen and her company to create your resume:

- Rank as one of Canada's leading resume experts.
- Earned "Best Resume Writer Toronto" for the past 4 consecutive years.
- Was published in 5 books.
- Presented at Career Fairs and also at Trade Shows.
- Extensive Medical Terminology, this is to your advantage if you work in Healthcare.
- Persuasive text is applied and ATS compatible to convince an employer to hire you.

- Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada near Finch Subway and GO Finch Station.
- Work with Karen by Zoom, LinkedIn, Phone and Email; or reserve an appointment in person.

Everyone can depend on Karen for high quality work. See for yourself after you order from Award Winning Resumes.

Call 8:30 am - 8:00 pm Monday-Thursday and Fridays: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Eastern time in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Let's get started this week. Every week you don't work you lose income.

I write for job seekers in Canada and internationally.

Need an I.T. or Engineering Resume? We've got the connections you need.

Connect with me now, don't wait.

Email: shaneresumes@gmail.com

Phone: 416-226-0460

Text: 647-546-9282

Reviews on the website and on LinkedIn.

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