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Sally Simpson graduated on the Dean’s List with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University. This unique program examined modern-day society through the lenses of the social sciences and humanities, with a focus on how various economic, political, social, cultural and environmental issues impact us on a global, national and local level.
Prior to attending university, Sally was an event marketer for 16 years, and more recently held an ESL teaching position in China, where she designed and facilitated a public speaking course for business executives and university students preparing to present to a Western audience. Working in event management was Sally’s first exposure to the benefits of training and mentoring individuals, grounded with a passion for Career Coaching.
Sally’s event management career involved extensive travel throughout 27 countries, working with Fortune 500 companies to manage events such as: an IBM conference for 17,000 delegates, Nortel Networks’ Road Shows in North America and South America, as well as a televised press conference in India for the Royal Bank of Canada.

Employment in China solidified Sally’s commitment to teaching and helping individuals prepare for their careers. Through these diverse roles, not only did Sally continue to learn and develop, but she also identified a sustainable vision for her own unique offering to her community; a combination of career coaching, education and marketing.
This unique personal brand stems from Sally’s belief that when people find employment that is more than just a pay cheque, not only do their lives become more meaningful, but through this transformation they become powerful beyond measure. Sally’s life goal is to do the work she loves: helping people succeed academically, so they can identify and prepare for their dream jobs and in doing so, impact their own communities in a positive and progressive way.
Returning to Canada and to the classroom once again, this time as a post-graduate student to become a certified Career Development Practitioner, Sally is currently completing her certificate from Conestoga College, with a near perfect GPA.

No stranger to juggling multiple commitments, in addition to hitting the books, today Sally is thrilled to be a Career Coach at Mohawk College. She is a part of a team that helps students obtain an outstanding education that includes a career development action plan which is then promoted through the student’s unique strategic marketing campaign. Armed with these three essentials, the dream of ‘loving your job’ becomes an achievable plan. This is where Mohawk’s vision and Sally’s values intersect, empowering Mohawk graduates to become ‘Future Ready.’