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Nel Slater

B.Th., B.A., C.D.P

Alder Tree Coaching


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Alder Tree Coaching
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Founder & Senior Career Coach
B.Th., B.A., C.D.P

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  • Career Strategist
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  • Interview Strategist
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Rediscover your motivation, identify your strengths and find work that is fulfilling and has a future in our changing economic times. I help you claim your extraordinary gifts and then market those skills with power and confidence.

Looking for work is never easy, but you don’t have to be isolated, uninformed or discouraged. You can experience success in your job search, with a clear plan and an experienced coach.

I offer strategies, tools and support through private career counselling packages or career workshops to give you:
- A deeper knowledge of your value in the marketplace
- Discovery of a new career or ways to change your position for more career satisfaction
- Self-marketing tools to clearly and powerfully convey your value to employers
- Strategic networking skills to help you access decision-makers in the marketplace
- Insight into current hiring practices so you can access the hidden job market
- Strategies to "kill it" in your job interview so you can land the job you want

Find out more at http://www.aldertreecoaching.com/

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