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Paul Olson

Registered Professional Counsellor RPC

Paul Olson Interview Skills Coach


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Paul Olson Interview Skills Coach
British Columbia
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Registered Professional Counsellor RPC

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Paul Olson RPC
  • Interview Support
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Paul Olson is a retired Assistant Fire Chief Officer, who has worked extensively in the hiring process, not only within the Fire Service but also for corporate, not for profit and private businesses. Having conducted many interviews, as well as been successfully interviewed at senior management levels, he knows and understands both sides of the table. He has a firm understanding of the roles each person on the hiring panel has. He has worked countless hours with candidates seeking not only fire service related jobs but various other types of employment. Paul is a Registered Professional Counselor/Coach RPC through the Canadian Professional Counselors Association CPCA. He also holds certificates in Human Resources, Business Management which includes Recruitment and Selection from BCIT. Added to this Paul is a Certified Interview Strategist through Career Professionals of Canada.

Paul takes a mentor approach to each individual, wanting to see them put forward their best possible presentation to the hiring panel. He has had his own successes and failures while trying to achieve his goals. To this, he understands the pressure the candidate is under when they finally get a shot at their dream job or a chance to promote to a senior management position. He takes what he does seriously.

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