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Cindy Visser

Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP)

Red Deer Polytechnic, Pathways4You Career Services


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Red Deer Polytechnic, Pathways4You Career Services
Red Deer
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Career and Academic Advisor
Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP)

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Pathways4You Career Planning and Resume Services
  • Career Support
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I was employed within the public school system for over 30 years, working as a high school Career Advisor for 13 years. I have experience working with a diverse student population, guiding them in identifying and pursuing their chosen career paths. I am currently a Student Advisor in a post-secondary institution, and also have a private practice, "Pathways4You Career Services". I am specialized in guiding high school students and young adults in identifying and pursuing career paths and post-secondary programs - through career assessments, job shadows, resume development, information on how to apply for scholarships and bursaries, post-secondary applications, student loans, delivering large group presentations, public presentations, and guiding my clients to self-identify viable options. As well, I specialize in assisting adults in re-strategizing to pursue new career directions.

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