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Kamee Gilmore

Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Certified Interview Strategist (CIS)

Paradigm Resume & Career Services


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Paradigm Resume & Career Services
Sherwood Park
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Professional Resume Writer
Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Certified Interview Strategist (CIS)

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  • Career Strategist
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Invest in Yourself | UNLOCK SUCCESS.

I am Kamee, multi-award winning writer, Career Development Practitioner, and Founder of Paradigm Résumé & Career Services Canada.

Over the past 18+ years, I have built my own career by helping hundreds of Canadians gain clarity, confidence, and control over theirs.

Having served Canadians across a diverse range of professions, industries, and career levels, I appreciate that no two people are the same. I also appreciate that--in today's highly competitive job market--arming one's self with an influential and exclusive personal brand is essential for job search and career success. By working directly with clients, I am able to dive deep to best understand and illustrate what differentiates them from all others, often exposing unique value-add and distinguishing career accomplishments that clients struggle to see or articulate on their own.

What sets me apart-–in addition to my interactive and personalized approach-–is my dynamic expert training, advanced professional certifications, award-winning writing talent, and unwavering commitment to staying on the forefront of the latest industry trends, technology, and standards. My ability to craft captivating, one-of-a-kind, personal branded résumés, CV's, biographies, and online profiles have earned a reputation for achieving first-rate results for my clients.

Feel free to visit my website at www.paradigmresumeservices.com; there you will find samples of my work, client testimonials, and so much more to help you decide if I am the right fit for you. Of course, if you have any questions, or are ready to start our work together, feel free to email paradigmresumes@mail.com.

I look forward to helping you unlock career success.

- Kamee Gilmore, Certified Résumé Strategist (CRS), Certified Interview Strategist (CIS), Certified Career Strategist (CCS)

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