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Lysa Appleton


Appleton Career Coaching


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Appleton Career Coaching
Nova Scotia
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Career & Branding Expert

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★ Resume Development ★ Professional Branding ★ Marketing ★ Job Search ★ Interview Preparation ★ Success ★

► I support high achieving professionals and industry leaders to secure top-notch roles and create successful careers that express their purpose, unleash their passion and realize their potential.

► I am a certified Career Coach and certified Employment Strategist who helps people to secure valuable work that is meaningful and impactful through “kick-butt” campaigns and strategies that lands them where they want to be.

► My purpose is to inspire and support professionals to make sense of their careers ~ to identify opportunities, choose strategies and secure work that they love.

► Whether job transitioning, taking a new career path or starting up a home based-business, I absolutely love helping people to uncover awesome and available opportunities that excite them enough to jump out of bed on a Monday morning with anticipation, not dread.

► I am passionate about helping people communicate their career stories while networking or in interviews in an engaging and memorable way that wins them face time with hiring authorities and secures great work.

► As a skilled Resume Specialist, I work with clients to identify and express their unique value, authentic traits, and honed skills to craft a brand that builds confidence and out-paces the competition. I co-create powerful and attractive marketing tools in content and simple design.

► I also enjoy assisting clients living in remote areas to secure high quality telecommute and remote jobs through targeted research that identifies those jobs or through crafting a “sales pitch” that creates them.

I am fired-up about supporting astute and dedicated professionals and leaders like you and me to unleash our mojo and do work we love.

✪ Are you ready to get to work? Let’s connect at ✪ www.appletoncoaching.com
Expertise in:

Coaching | Branding | Resume Creation | Networking & Marketing | Job Search Strategy | Hidden Job Market Access | Interview Preparation | Successful On-boarding/In-boarding

Virtual Presentations | Group Coaching | Interactive Workshop Facilitation

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