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Iris Jacobson

B.A., B. Ed, CDP, Training Generalist

ChoicefulChange Career Transition Services


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ChoicefulChange Career Transition Services
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Career Transition Consultant
B.A., B. Ed, CDP, Training Generalist

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  • Career Strategist
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Iris has over 25 years of professional consulting, training and branding experience. Tapping into her diverse range of work experience and using a narrative holistic method of practice, she works with clients to clarify career decisions, navigate change and create strategic advantage for a competitive edge. This includes coaching individuals to generate successful outcomes in “high stakes” networking meetings and interviews.

Iris is also a highly skilled instructor and facilitator who specializes in the design, development and evaluation of training curriculum. Over the past ten years, she has designed and facilitated hundreds of effective workshops, generating high participant engagement and outstanding feedback.

Leveraging her personal experiences with both the challenges and empowerment inherent in mid and late career transition, Iris collaboratively guides each individual client through “choiceful” change using a proven narrative road map and tools, along with injecting empathy, goal-orientation, resourcefulness and respect into the process.

Exploring future career options is an intensely personal experience for both client and consultant. Iris will work with you to customize a unique approach and help you choose the right path.

Iris holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education Degree from O.I.S.E., a Training Generalist Designation from Langevin Learning Services and a Career Development Practitioner Graduate Certificate from Conestoga College.