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Short Course: Start a Career Practice

Sharon Graham | Career Professionals of Canada

September 2018 |42:42 Minutes

Are you considering private practice? This FREE short course is back by popular demand. Explore self-employment with Sharon Graham, Canada’s Career Strategist. Take this course now if you want to start your own private career consulting service or résumé writing business.

During this short course, we will answer these questions:

  • MODULE 1: What do I need to know about private practice?
  • MODULE 2: Can I make money offering consulting services?
  • MODULE 3: What services/products should I sell?
  • MODULE 4: How should I structure my business?
  • MODULE 5: How do I find prospective clients?
  • MODULE 6: How much should I charge clients?
  • MODULE 7: How do I sell the value of my services?
  • MODULE 8: How do I deal with the competition?


Start a Career Practice